Other initiatives


The School offers highly qualified educational paths, aimed at developing professional profiles with educational, technical and scientific expertise in the food sector.


Food Project is a project promoted by the University of Parma to establish and strengthen the already existing competences of excellence in the field of research and teaching in the food sector, to promote their interaction within the University, with enterprises, research centers and educational partners on the local, national and international territory, and aiming to make the University of Parma a recognized European hub in the field of higher education and research in the food sector.


The “Microbiome Research Hub” (MRH) acts as a location for shared minds through common ideas, and collaborative interactions and multidisciplinary teams. It supports a dynamic research community, enables rapid translation to private and clinical sectors, and prepares a new generation of scientists able to take on essential questions about the microbiome.


GIOCAMPUS promotes the wellbeing of future generations through a unique program of physical activity, healthy eating and environmental sustainability education, strongly supporting social inclusion. In fact, healthy and sustainable diets, within an active life, is essential for wellbeing. GIOCAMPUS is an educational alliance between private companies and public institutions in the Parma area, which is becoming an exemplary model of welfare-community.


Madegus – Maestri del Gusto (Masters of Taste) was the first spin off in Italy specialized in nutrition education and food science dissemination using an edutainment approach (education + entertainment). Madegus is supported by the University of Parma. The company designs and applies innovative solutions in the field of nutrition education with the aim of increasing nutrition knowledge, to improve human health and nudge dietary choices towards healthy and sustainable diets.


The Need For Nutrition Education/Innovation Programme (NNEdPro) is an award-winning interdisciplinary think-tank, building upon over a decade of nutrition education, research and innovation. It aims to tackle the global crisis of malnutrition by conducting research and delivering education in gap areas, empowering professionals, policymakers and the public; to facilitate sustainable improvements in nutrition and health behaviours, accelerating progress towards the United Nations 2030 goals.


The Inter-Department Center on Food Safety, Technology and Innovation (SITEIA PARMA) is a hub of ideas and projects for the innovation, competitiveness, and technology transfer of the food industry and engineering.