Research lines

Dietary intake assessment

  • Food intake and dietary behaviour assessment through food diaries, dietary recalls, and food frequency questionnaires
  • Nutritional and environmental evaluation of diet and dietary patterns
  • Assessment and validation of biomarkers of food intake
  • Development of nutritional databases on fiber, phytochemicals, and other dietary compounds

Carbohydrates and fiber

  • Starch bioaccessibility in vitro
  • Glycemic index of food
  • Effect of fiber on the colonic metabolism of bioactive compounds

(Poly)phenols and other food bioactives

  • Metabolism and bioavailability in humans, animal and cell models
  • In vitro digestion and colonic metabolism
  • Development and validation of LC-MS methods for the analysis of phenolic compounds and other phytochemicals  
  • Health effects in different experimental models
  • Inter-individual variability in the metabolism and physiological response
  • Personalized nutrition with plant bioactives

Nutritional education

  • Nutritional education programs for different population groups
  • Nutritional coaching and nudging for healthy and sustainable food choices
  • Devopment of ICT apps for edutainment, coaching, and consumer empowering/awareness